The creative process behind the photoshoot for Michael Winterbottom’s A Trip to Spain, featuring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, was deeply influenced by the series’ transition from BBC to Sky, along with the vibrant and rich setting of Spain. The decision to center the theme around Spanish cuisine and textures was a deliberate one, intended to complement the film’s backdrop while adding a layer of sophistication to the actors’ portrayals.

The Trip to Spain 48 sheet key art

The shoot was characterized by a playful atmosphere, enhanced by the professionalism of the cast. Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon brought their creativity to the forefront, interacting dynamically with their surroundings and each other. This interaction was particularly evident in their poses around a meticulously set table, designed to showcase the sumptuous Spanish fare. A food designer was brought on board to ensure that every detail of the culinary display was perfect, reflecting the authenticity and allure of Spanish gastronomy.

The Trip to Spain variants

The shoot was not just a professional engagement but also an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone involved. The playful yet professional nature of the shoot allowed for a natural flow of creativity, which was captured vividly on camera. The elements of the shoot came together seamlessly. Minimal post-production was required, focusing mainly on light retouching, such as adjusting Steve Coogan’s hair, to enhance the visual appeal without detracting from the natural aesthetics of the shoot.

In a nod to Spanish literary history, some scamps based on unit stills playfully reimagine Brydon and Coogan as Cervantes’ iconic characters, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. This creative twist not only aligns with the Spanish theme but also adds a layer of cultural and literary depth to the visual presentation.
Pre-shoot scamp
Overall, the creative process for the shoot was a harmonious blend of thematic depth, cultural homage, and personal expression, all captured beautifully on camera, resulting in a series of images that were both visually striking and deeply resonant with the film’s narrative and setting.


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